June 9, 2024

Sergio Gil and Javi Del Ser, invited speakers in the Radio Euskadi podcast on technology “La mecánica del caracol”

S. Gil and J. Del Ser, both members of the JRL-A2I, shared their expertise and insights on the recent worldwide concern with the safety of modern AI methods during a special episode of the popular radio podcast "La mecánica del caracol" broadcasted by Radio Euskadi. Hosted by the renowned tech journalist Eva Caballero, the episode delved into the critical issues surrounding AI safety and ethical considerations in the development and deployment of modern AI technologies, including a recent article [1] on the matter published by worldwide experts in the Science journal. The episode of "La mecánica del caracol" featuring Sergio’s and Javi’s interview [2] is now available on major podcast platforms, and has already received positive feedback from listeners who appreciated the depth and clarity of the discussion on such a critical topic.

AI and us

[1] Link to the mentioned article.

[2] Link to Javi and Sergio's interview.